Why Would I Make A Good Receptionist


The receptionist represents the public face of a business enterprise. She’s frequently the first person a client sees or the very first voice that he hears over the telephone. Due to this, it’s necessary that the receptionist conducts herself in a professional way to provide customers a fantastic initial impression.

Particular qualities and abilities will make receptionists better in work and depict the business in its very best light. If you possess the following qualities then you would make a good receptionist.

Positive Attitude


Whether on the telephone or in person, the receptionist’s mindset comes through loud and clean. It has been stated that callers could tell when an individual is smiling over the telephone, and they can definitely tell when she’s not. A receptionist’s positive mindset informs potential and present customers that the company is curious about them and their demands. She should offer perfect virtual answering service

Organizational Ability

An organized receptionist makes everybody’s job simpler. She knows where to discover the files, documents and telephone numbers their manager, co-workers and clients desire.

A receptionist must likewise have the ability to operate independently, maintain herself on track and reach her tasks without immediate supervision. The capacity to market is vital, since the essence of the project demands regular multi-tasking. Along with answering the telephone and taking messages, then a receptionist should sort spam, respond to business email and answer inquiries from folks on the telephone and in person.

Technology Skills

Office technology is continually shifting, and receptionists should have the ability to operate many different systems and equipment. Telephone systems normally have more than 1 line and several purposes. Computer skills are crucial, especially word processing and email.

Beautiful woman working at the front desk of a hotel talking on the phone

Receptionists who also understand recorder, desktop publishing or alternative industry-specific applications have added abilities which are in demand. In case the copier or alternative typical machines are close to the reception area, the reception will frequently be asked for assistance with them too, therefore her capacity to master extra technology as necessary is essential.

Good Listening Skills

Taking the time to listen is essential to the receptionist’s role. Very good receptionists listen carefully as customers are speaking so that they could be efficient in solving their issues or answering their queries. Through active listening, she is able to join visitors and customers with the appropriate department or personnel immediately. It’s also a perfect way to master new abilities fast and progress in her profession.