Which photoshop actions are the best


A Photoshop action can instantly change your image into a very attractive one. Several actions do all the steps for you while there are some who simply direct you through the required steps that are needed in order to achieve the end goal.

The below Photoshop actions can help in turning your image into a nice pencil drawing, portrait, a sticker, and it can also add a reflection to your image, whiten the teeth and more.

Pencil draw Photoshop action

This action works very well. It does this by turning your photo to appear as if it was drawn by a pencil. Its result places the layer of the sketch over the original one. On activating it, you will also need to adjust the new layer’s blur.

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And by adjusting the blur to the left side, your picture will begin to appear more as a sketch while the other direction will produce a more realistic photo which has black and white colors.

Out of bounds Photoshop action

This action acts in a way that it helps in creating an effect in a way that it makes the image pop out of its frame. This is an advanced action; this is because the shadowing effects can be altered as well as the frame’s position. If you want to pop out a particular part of the image, you will need to select it manually.

If you are a beginner, this should not be a worry to you because there are very easy instructions that can be easily followed.

Portrait Photoshop action

With this, you can be in a position to manually change the sharpness and saturation of an image; this basically means that the image can be used several times, but with a different effect, it generally depends on how it is customized.


This is a more complex action than the other actions, and you will find that several firms such as sleeklens like it a lot. Its step is not automated by they can be easily followed.

Reflection Photoshop action

You can use this to create a very cool reflection. It consists of three reflections, one is for a regular reflection, the second is normally identical to the first, and the only difference is that it is transparent. To achieve a perfect outcome, the background colors, the border size and the reflection height can be adjusted.

Old Photoshop action

This action usually produces a great effect, and it requires patience while using it. After you have begun the action, you will have to put a stop to it if prompted, and then begin the action again.

The downside of this action is that it can resize your canvas as well as flattening all the layers. This, therefore, will make your image to stretch in order to fit since the canvas has got anew size.

Sticker and tape Photoshop action

This is a great action, and it normally creates an image which seems like it is tapped down. It can also make the image seem like a round sticker peeling off the paper.