What’s Considered Scrap Metal?

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Let’s face it, the scrap metal industry may not be as famous as others but one thing for sure is that it’s equally important. It benefits the environment and it would be amazing to recycle and exchange scrap metals for cash. The most important thing is to have a clear understanding of different types of metals, their value as well as what they are used for.

Scrap metals have tremendous benefits and if you’ve been wondering what they are, keep reading as we tell you everything you need to know about scrap metals.

So what exactly is scrap metal?

Scrap metal is simply a combination of a metallic material, waste metal, and other products containing metals that can be recycled from previous product manufacturing. Whether it’s building supplies, vehicle parts or surplus project materials, one thing for sure is that scrap has a great monetary value and could make you rich.


Scrap metals originate from residential and commercial use and it can be processed into important secondary material for producing brand new metals. Scrap metals have great value due to the fact that they can be re-used again and again.

Determination of ferrous and non-ferrous metals

First things first, any metal is determined whether it’s ferrous or non-ferrous before recycling. The process of distinguishing metals is simple and requires a common magnet only. If the magnet fails to stick to your metal, its non-ferrous metal but if it sticks, then it’s ferrous.

Non-ferrous metals are the most valuable metals for recycling and are worth all the trouble as well as the money. These metals have no iron and are resistant to corrosion and include brass, copper, magnesium, zinc, aluminum, lead, tin, and nickel.

On the other hand, ferrous metals are less valuable but they will have some value especially if you have enough of them. They include metals like iron and steel which you can find in various places such as from cabinets to cars, chair, shelving among others.

The most valuable non-ferrous metals for recycling

With a magnet, you can easily tell the type of scrap metal you’re dealing with. As a rule, though, it’s worth mentioning that the value of what’s needed for scrap metal recycling depends on its type, quantity, and quality. The following are different types of scrap metal that will help you look for opportunities to make a difference in your financial world.

1. Aluminum


Aluminum is probably the most commonly recycled scrap metal and is readily available in every home. You can find it in empty food and drink cans, storm windows, screen door frame, or discarded food wrap foils. Interestingly, you can find aluminum wiring in old mobile homes and air conditioning units.

2. Brass

Brass is also readily available in your home and you can find it in things such as brass-plated crockery, air conditioning, doorknobs, as well as old bed frames made from brass.

3. Copper

Copper is a valuable metal to recycle and is commonly found in various home structures such as household plumbing, appliances, pots old roof accents, kitchen sinks, electronic wiring, and statues or room decor.

Final thoughts

There are many reasons why everyone needs to recycle scrap metals. The energy required to recycle scrap metals is less than the total energy required to create new materials and this means that when you recycle metals in your home, you help the environment. In addition, it could be a source of income, lower the demand for precious natural resources and reduces the emission of greenhouse gas. Most importantly, it provides economic benefits and if you’ve accumulated suitable materials, take them for recycling and provide a clean environment as you improve your finances.