Top 5 Instagram Story Tips and Tricks for 2019

Instagram Story Tips and Tricks

Instagram is a social media platform that accounts for so many users today. This is due to the ease of using this platform. The overwhelming number of Instagram users has also resulted in many businesses using the platform selling their products or brand on Instagram.

Instagram stories offer companies an opportunity to sell their brand or product on Instagram through the stories they share. Instagram Stories is quite a new feature that Instagram introduced to make the platform worth the trust. To be able to utilize this feature for the purpose of selling your brand, below are the top 5 Instagram Story tips and tricks for 2019;

1.Cover behind the scenes.

Most Instagram users view unique stories.They have already used to the traditional stories in terms of your filtered selfies or selfie-videos. If you want your brand to sell well, take the users to the background of the story of the brand.


For example, you can post a story of you at a Beauty Parlour having your hair being made rather than posting your already made hair. The Instagram users are interested in the brand behind the scene, where they could not meet you.

2. Use stickers.

The Instagram stories section will typically not give you the platform to share everything about the brand, event, product, etc. The only way to make your users more informed is by using stickers such as Hashtags. Hashtags are created by brands to stand for something more significant.They act as a campaign.

Sharing this hashtags on your Instagram stories helps your viewers to access extra information they had not seen anywhere else. For example, if you were part of a #stopcrime campaign, there is so much information under the hashtag you cant share on Instagram stories, but you will have played a role by redirecting users.

3. Be simple.

If you really want to attract people to go through your Instagram stories, always be simple. Do not try perfecting all your photos or videos. Filtering at times makes the photos or videos look so monotonous. Try uploading photos in their natural state; it makes them more interesting to Instagram users.


4. Consider using UGC.

There is no greater thing than your audience feeling that their opinion matters.UGC(User Generated Content)can be obtained by giving your Instagram followers the freedom to caption your photos or videos. Let them be the architecture of the story you upload. Choose the caption that suits your intentions best and post it.

5. Group your stories into highlights.

Yes, Instagram stories last for 24 hours but you can still retain the information by creating story highlights for your current and past stories. This way, if a follower visits your profile, they can access all the Stories. It sells your brand even months or years after the initial posting of the Instagram story.

Instagram Stories can be so beneficial in advertising and marketing your brand. By using the above tips, you can benefit significantly from Instagram Stories.