Top 5 Instagram Story Tips And Tricks For 2019

Tourist woman in old city photographing and photo messaging

Since Instagram was launched, it has become of the greatest and powerful photo-sharing social media service in the world. Its success can be traced to its ease of use and according to experts, 40 million users view Instagram stories every day.

This way, brands continue to brainstorm for exceptional social media strategies and stories have become crucial in marketing, and we have rounded up five Instagram story tips and tricks for 2019 to consider.

1. Consider natural lighting

Just like any photography or video, lighting can either beak or make professional nature of Instagram stories. You should, therefore, make good use of natural light as it’s more flattering for every skin tone there is.


The golden hour, which is basically an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset is the right to get natural light. If you don’t want to get outside, consider a house with big windows that are preferably facing the light.

2. Use your phone’s native camera

For you to get professional quality, you don’t really need a fancy camera as you can use what you have to get the job done. A smartphone has a great camera which you can excellently use to shoot outstanding videos.

If you want exceptional video footage from your phone, use your native camera instead of the one on Instagram. According to experts, videos you take directly in Instagram will have limited options for editing and lower resolutions that will make them unattractive.

3. Use locations and appropriate hashtags

Have you ever wondered why Instagram stories are nowadays beating Snapchat’s? It’s because Instagram stories use hashtags and locations that allow users to find your content with ease. If you find it hard to put together hashtags ideas, you should not panic as you can consider a simple search on the platform and you’ll get through it.


For instance, you can start with words your audience is likely to search for and you’ll get a list of amazing hashtags around it as well as the number of posts that have been tagged along. Most importantly, ensure you include locations in your stories and posts.

4. Add animation

The animation is yet another amazing tip and trick to add to your stories to not only make your stories standout but also to switch things up.

There are various tools you can use to add animation and this website  will get you started. It is simple and straightforward such as downloading the app using your PC or Smartphone, you make the right choice of colors palettes and rich visual template, save to your phone and upload to Instagram.

5. Go Live

Nowadays, most people are using the ‘live’ option to interact with their followers and you shouldn’t be left behind. Going live on Instagram stories comes with tremendous benefits as it gives you an opportunity to engage with your followers in real time.


You can use this amazing feature to showcase something amazing in your company, and allow your audience to ask questions which you should answer promptly. Also, going live allows you to advertise your business and the products and services you offer, and even show them how your products are made in the production process.