The Ultimate Guide to Smart Packing

Light, smart, and fast – those are the adjectives most of us wish we could describe our suitcase packing. However, as much as we may try to pack smart, the majority of us still manage to overpack or underpack our travel bags, never actually getting it right. But, there is no need to worry – with a couple of packing tips and tricks, you too can pack quickly, easily, and sans stress. Here is how to pack like a pro and ensure a fun, hassle-free trip.

A packing list is a must

The first tip may sound like something your mom would suggest you do, but it certainly does help when you think about it. Whether you’re preparing for a weekend getaway, a business trip or a two-week vacation, chances are, you’ll probably going to forget to pack some of the items along the way, only to realize that once you get to your destination. To avoid these potential mishaps, you need to give packing lists a try. Create a checklist of all the things that you will or may need when you get there, and be sure to review it before you leave so you know you’re bringing all your essentials. Or, if you don’t feel like making one, you can always download a packing list template and spare yourself the hassle.

Decide what to pack, and then cut it in half

Although this may seem like a weird tip, it is actually brilliant. First, take out all the stuff you think you’ll need and lay them out so you have a clear vision. Sort all the things in groups if it helps, and then cut all that in half. Pants that can only be worn with one top? You probably don’t need them. Those shoes that you can wear only for a fancy night out and nowhere else? They don’t really deserve to take precious space in your travel bag. Opt for versatile garments and pieces that can easily go from day to night (one-piece outfits will be your best friend when traveling), and make sure you only pack the absolute essentials. This will prevent overpacking, which seems to be hardwired in many of us.

Always keep certain essentials in your bag

If you’re someone who travels a lot, chances are, you need to have those certain couple of things at hand at all times. For example, if you regularly take weekend trips or travel every other day, you’ll probably get bored with unpacking all your clothes just to pack them again in a couple of days. Naturally, you’d want to minimize the time you waste spend packing your bags and avoid this chore any way you can. Now, the best way to do this is to always keep certain essentials in your bag, wherever you travel. Be sure to pack travel-sized toiletries and all those small items you always need when on the go. Sometimes the destination you’re heading to will have a spa or a pool, or maybe it’ll be located near the sea, so be sure to pack quality triangle swimwear and ensure you’re prepared for everything.

Packing cubes as a travel game-changer

Another tip you can use to pack smarter is to use packing cubes to divide your belongings. The ultimate suitcase organizing tool, packing cubes are a godsend when you need to bring many different articles of clothing, shoes, makeup, gadgets, and toiletries. Packing cubes easily stack together, making sure every available inch of the bag is used. Lightweight and thin, packing cubes help tame your luggage, and you can use them both in your check-in luggage and your carry-on bag. Other than helping you save some precious space, using packing cubes to organize your luggage will spare you the hassle of unpacking when you arrive – you simply take your packing cubes out, put them in your drawers and closets and presto – you’re unpacked in seconds.

When you know a thing or two about packing, preparing for a trip isn’t that big of a hassle. Follow our tips to become a savvy traveler and pack your suitcase light, smart, and fast – like a pro!