The Best Jewelry Trends Of 2019


The hot days of summer have faded away, and autumn is officially upon us. Before you know it, the holiday shopping season will be here so, planning and preparation need to begin.If you think about the purchases, you will make during the holidays ahead of time, and you can keep a sharp eye out for the best deals and even spread out your purchases making the season a bit easier on the wallet.

One of the most popular holiday purchases is jewelry. With the price of gold through the roof, you might think that nice, quality jewelry is out of your price range but, think again.Some of the jewelry trends for 2019 winter season consider your wallet without sacrificing on style.

1. Faux gemstones

One of the first trends you will see this winter is faux gemstones in clear yet bright colors. This can be a great way to own some fantastic looking jewelry while saving some cash. If you go for either acrylic or resin gemstones, they look very much like the real thing.


To keep the quality high, find pieces that mix faux gemstones with certain metals like silver and gold. You can most likely find some great deals on genuine gemstone jewelry when the holiday sales start after Thanksgiving. This is one of the best times to buy, and retailers will want to push their stock out the doors. Even if you buy genuine gemstones, go for the translucent look – it will keep you stylish all winter long.

2. Textured jewelry

Another hot trend for the winter season is textured jewelry. This trend looks great with both vintage clothing that is popular this year and the big cozy pieces the winter months require. Wearing textured jewelry is a great way to personalize your look. You can find some truly unique pieces that will enhance your everyday outfits.

When looking for textured jewelry find pieces like hammered metals and woven threads of gold. Anything with dimension will look fabulous throughout the season dressed up or down.

Textured jewelry is another great way to save some money on quality jewelry. If you find pieces that are strictly metal with no gemstones, your wallet won’t feel quite as empty.

3. Motif jewelry

Motif jewelry is another trend that is continuing into the winter season from the spring and summer. Bold, nature-inspired pieces continue to be popular. Daring themes like snakes, elephants, birds, and flowers are everywhere in the jewelry world right now. Snake rings and cuffs, elephant pendants, flower brooches all in subtle, matte metal finishes are the perfect complements to the soft, earthy colors of winter.


Make sure that you buy motif jewelry in designs that you feel comfortable wearing and won’t overpower you. Keep the outfit crisp and clean to let the accessories take center stage. Don’t be afraid to buy bold pieces like snakes with emerald eyes or birds with diamond accents. If you invest in the right pieces, they will quickly become some of the favorite pieces you own.