The Best Cities To Travel Alone


If you believe in traveling the world alone, selecting the correct travel destination is crucial. It will guarantee that you have a fantastic and incredibly liberating experience. There are numerous options for solo travelers. One can select from among serene islands, tranquil beaches as well as the pristine countryside.

In this article, you will learn more about the best cities to visit alone. These cities are welcoming and safe to a solo traveler.

1. Rome, Italy

Rome is famous for its beautiful people, inspiring fashion, romance, and appealing food. It is a city that will entice you from the word go. If you go for a solo travel here, you will feel fully present and empowered by walking around the city.


There are many things that you can do in Rome including sightseeing the Roman Empire in its full glory, going to Coliseum, as well as Pantheon. Additionally, you can visit Saint Peter’s Basilica as well as the Pope’s home, The Vatican City.

2. New York City, the United States

There is no better city to go alone in America other than New York City. Here, you can eat in various gourmet food markets. You can also visit Central Park for a rollerblading.

Besides, you can visit Times Square or see the cruises at Hudson. New York is known as a city that never sleeps. Even when running on a limited budget, you can go to some of the breathtaking attractions and pulse points.

3. London, United Kingdom

London has easy-to-navigate trains from one airport to another. It also has 270 underground stations to ensure that people get to their destinations quickly. You cannot walk more than 2 miles in this city without coming across a pub, and this makes it easy for you if you like taking one or two bottles of beer. While in London, you can go to the famous Science Museum, Kyoto Garden situated in Holland Park, Geffrye Museum, Olympic Park, St James Park, among other areas.

4. Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is famous for its award-winning meals, live music, and artistic culture. It is by far one of the best cities to visit in Australia. Most people see it as the cultural capital of Australia.


It appeases and dazzles solo tourists with large parks, verdant gardens, galleries, theaters, museums, Victorian-era architecture, and extensive shopping. Additionally, this city can serve as a center for exploring other amazing places to visit in this country also, such as The Great Ocean Road, Philip Island and Grampians National Park.

5. Amsterdam, Netherlands

This is among the best places to go to in Europe. Amsterdam is a friendly, safe, and vibrant city that has much to offer to solo travelers. This City charms travelers with its globally renowned museums, gorgeous canals, stunning architecture, and lovely bridges. Whether you want to dive into its history or culture, party or just enjoy the soothing feeling of the city, there is something for all travelers.