How Do You Make Hurricane Proof Windows

How Do You Make Hurricane Proof Windows

Hurricanes are terrifying to everyone, but the thought of a broken glass flying through your room at 170mph is scary enough. And besides, would you want dangerous pressures inside your room that’ll collapse your walls and house.

In the market, there are hurricane-resistant glasses that feature an impact-resistant glass, which is treated with Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) or ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) layers. These glasses are quite expensive, with the pairs costing between $40 and $55 for each square foot.


You can make your ordinary windows hurricane-proof by adding some membrane to cover the glass. This improves the resistance of the window, though not to the same extent as the market hurricane-proof windows. However, they are useful when you are on a low budget, and you don’t want to add extra expenses of new windows to your home. So learning how to make hurricane-proof windows will help you to prepare for the hurricanes.

Ways to make your windows hurricane-proof

1. Installing storm shutters

Storm shutters are effective than plywood in many ways. First, you attach them permanently o your home, which eliminates the need to install them each time a storm is approaching.

The use of storm shutters is the best way to protect your home from hurricanes. Besides, most come in roll-up and accordion styles that folds up and down easily. Most also contain perforations to allow light to pass through the windows to brighten your home.

2. Boarding your windows with plywood

The use of plywood is the least expensive and famous way of protecting your windows during storms. However, you should do it before the storm begins.

3. Purchase hurricane-resistant windows

Impact Window

Hurricane-resistant windows are unique windows that can withstand the impact of high and strong winds. hurricane proof windows miami is one of the best hurricane-proof windows suppliers’. Get one today and enjoy ultimate protection at times of storms.

The hurricane can be the most devastating time for your life. Usually, you may need the services of professionals to give you the necessary support for bringing your life after the enormous destruction of your home.