Hot Air Balloon Festivals Around The World


Hot air Ballooning has been known to be the oldest form of air travel. Even though many are afraid of heights, we can say that it is the safest since close to no accidents have been recorded. There are plenty of hot air balloons events around the world. All you must do is plan on how you will take part. Whether as a spectator, a participant or even as a joyrider. It is a fan even bursting through the air until the currents decide where you are to land. What you need is just a bigger nylon material which gets injected with hot air for its buoyancy.

If you are planning to join the rest of the world to color the skies with the balloons, you are welcome to join the many events across the globe. Below is a compilation of festivals you can enjoy being part of;

1. Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

It remains the biggest ballooning event in the world. It hosts over five hundred balloons. The festival kick starts in October when the winds are so notorious. Study patterns have shown that the winds to allow the pilots to land close to their launching sites. Albuquerque features more than fifty football pitches where the ballooning events get help. Hence, the activities here never disappoint. There is at least room for everyone to participate.


2. The Great Reno Balloon Race

The event happens in September of every year. It started back in 1982 where it only had twenty balloons. However, with time, the place has undergone massive reconstruction to host over a hundred balloons. Each year, it gets around one hundred and twenty thousand spectators. It is a must-attend event, where a handful of balloons get cast to the air. The balloons can also fly in the dark since they have an in-built lighting system. After the event, you will get absorbed in the mass ascent from Rancho Park.

3. QuickChek New Jersey Festival

It gots hosted in Readington, N.J on July. The festival packs a hundred hot air balloons all from different parts of the globe. Every day, the balloons are on the move to the enchanting Hunterdon County countryside.


Over 165,000 guests attend the event every year. On last July, it stood out as the biggest summer festival to get held in North America. At the event, its time for a charming moment as you engage in the night balloon glow, concerts races and event fireworks.

4. International Saint-Jean -Sur-Richelieu

The festival welcomes around, four hundred and fifty thousand visitors each year. It hosts around a hundred balloons to entertain its visitors. The event gets held in Canada each year. Besides balloon glows and balloon fights, the visitors also adore live music performances, rides and crafts fairs. In 2017, they introduced the Pop Challenge where twenty balloons get into a race.

There is not a good time to have fun. It is the twenty-first century, and you don’t have to miss out on the exceptional air ballooning events. Make every holiday count by engaging in the recreational activities in the different destinations above.