Do Overprotective Parents Cause Anxiety


Children need a clear sense of self just as much as they need parents to help them feel nurtured, loved, safe, and secure. Bubble wrapping your children delays the former and its development, causing many mental, emotional, psychological, and practical issues in their lives.

Yes, you are responsible for your child’s present, but you are equally tasked with ensuring they are ready to take on their tomorrow- all by themselves. Therefore no matter how safe a strategy, being overprotective is not the answer.

Overprotection can be defined as a way of parenting that does not give a child a charge to experience some stressful things in life. Such kind of parents may even try to protect their kids even when not required. An overprotective parent may use friends to solve their kids’ problems or may not also allow a kid to walk even on short distances that may not need driving.


Anxiety can ruin a child’s whole future success in life. As the anxiety in children becomes more serious, it can have adverse effects on their education and give them a negative view of the world around them. You can view this important source to get more information.

Overprotection of children is one of the leading causes of anxiety in children. Researchers suggest that some risky plays that could lead to kids being hurt are suitable for kids.

The fear the kids experience when handling a knife, climbing at a great height and being near a cliff keeps them carefully, alert, and teaches them how to handle some dangerous occasions. After some time, being able to master such fearful situations has an anti phobic effect that lowers level of anxiety.

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Those parents who do not allow their kids to engage in such activities that enable kids to harden emotionally, they risk making their children emotionally fragile. This can make the kids anxious whenever they face scary situations they are not used to. Parents should be able to differentiate between good parenting and overprotecting their children to avoid a long-run negative effect.

If it comes to your attention that your kind may be suffering from Anxiety, you must get medical help and advise. Your child’s whole future could depend on your actions.