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5 Travel Photography Essentials


Each trip you make create a unique story. Every place you visit offers you interesting features, extraordinary experiences and valuable lessons that you can take home when you return home. Photography is one of the best ways to document your travels and capture everything you find on a trip. Even if you’re not good at […]

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China’s Biz Travel Rise Explanation

business online

Over the years, China has gained popularity in terms of becoming the largest business market in the world. Since business travel is growing, there is a huge opportunity for the travel management companies of the West. Definitely, it would be great for travel management companies since multinationals would be tapping in the growth of China […]

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The Psychology of Expense Fraud

Expense Fraud

People will be people. However, it is human nature, which makes one person different from the other. Some people might just not mind fraud whether it involves few bucks, hundreds, or thousands. There had been reports of travel fraud scams and also on the ongoing expense. It appears that some employees simply do not mind […]

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