Can A Tow Truck Tow Your Car With You In It


Any time you are stuck somewhere with your car, and you have no solution at hand, what comes to your mind is to call a garage expert to sort you out on that place. What happens when you get stuck somewhere far from the town where you cannot call upon an expert to assist you?

Well, at such a time, you may have to think about towing your car to the garage. However, there are a few things that you have to understand before you hire such services. Here are a few of them:

1. The weight of your car

This is where the question of will it is towed with you inside comes in. When calling for a truck owner to help you pull the car, you might have to consider your weight so that you can know the capacity of the truck to engage in towing it.


Remember you are going to pay the towing fee based on the capacity of the car. You will even need to remove some luggage from your vehicle to get cheaper towing. If your being in the vehicle will exceed the towable weight, you will have to alight. Otherwise, it can be pulled with you inside, especially when your vehicle is not advance damaged. Check the total weight before hiring the towing service.

2. The legal position on towing in that place

Some nations and towing companies prohibit towing any vehicle with somebody within. This is to avoid more danger.

Remember your car is not being driven and so controlling it might not be a 100% safety guarantee. It can even get ejected from the truck.


Legally, it is a law but which is meant to give you better protection. If the law of the place you are stuck is against towing with you inside, follow the law. It saves you extra cost any danger associated with it.