Best Life Coaches You Can Find Online


If you are unhappy with any area of your life, you need someone to help you pick up the pieces and get to where you want to be. The best choice is to seek the services of a life coach. This is a person who will walk with you every step and help you to make the necessary changes in your life. A life coach will inspire you, encourage and ask the relevant queries that will help you to stay on track. You can only succeed in any sphere of life by relying on the best in the field.

This article presents to you the best online life coaches in the world to help you move the mountains in your life and get to your desired target.

The best life coaches must have the relevant training besides experience in assisting people to overcome handles in their lives. They must also be licensed with the relevant bodies as experts in their field.


A life coach wills help you to discover your inner strength and help you develop better strategies of moving your life to your preferred destination.A majority of life coaches agree that life coaching should be done over the phone or online since they have found it more effective than face-to-face coaching.

If you opt to work with an online life coach, it does not limit your options. You have the chance of working with the best brains in the world. Besides, life coaching is a broad topic and has many specializations. With online life coaches, you can get a life coach who has specialized in your specific area of need.

These are some top life coaches in the world;

Marsha Ferrick

She has grown over the years to be one of the best online life coaches. The Marsha Ferrick coaching journey started after the death of her parents. While thinking about her legacy, she desired to serve people by assisting them to transform their problems into exciting life journeys.

Initially, she was a private psychologist in Ohio at an Abuse and trauma treatment center. She is a licensed psychologist and board-certified life coach. In her career, she has authored over 8 books.

Steve Martile

Steve is famous for his life on camera demonstrations where he assists life coaches to sign clients worth$1,000- $5,000 in each week and earn a minimum of $1,127 every hour. He is also widely known for his 7-day manifestation test, in which he has assisted scores of people to increase their income through intention manifestation.


He lives in Canada with his wife. Steve serves as a marketing consultant besides being a self-help teacher and a coach. He inspires over 10,000 individuals each month via his blog.

Corey Wayne

She is a life and peak performance coach. Corey teaches both men and women self-reliance and how they can achieve their goals, start businesses, improve their health and relationships.

Lisa A. Romano

Lisa’s life coaching is based on the idea that dysfunctional relationships are rooted in childhood brainwashing. She is a mentor, life coach, and a bestselling author.



She assists individuals to overcome narcissistic abuse, codependency, emotional neglect, and psychological invisibility.

Tim Brownson

Tim is a life coach who assists people to transform their lives through his blog A Daring Adventure.


In the blog he shares on his personal development journey to help them reflect on their lives and make the necessary changes to a more fulfilling life.

Johnny Berba

Johnny is a life and dating coach based in London. His area of specializations is in assisting men to overcome lack of confidence and social anxiety when dating. He has mentored many men to take charge of their dating experiences and develop confidence.

Through his program he has helped men to build confidence in different spheres of life include work-life, social relationships and family.

These are some notable online life coaches who can assist you to redesign your life and overcome challenges to lead a fulfilling life. As I had highlighted earlier, the life coach of choice must be trained and experienced in your specific area of need.