5 Things to Do in Miami With Kids

Kids playing

Going in vacation with kids is always a good idea since it makes the connection between the family became stronger. It also allows the children to gain new knowledge and experiences that can help improve their creativity and imagination. Vacation can also be boring for kids and widen the gap between them and their parents.

This is why it’s important to engage in activities for the kids as a whole family. You therefore have to know what activities are available for your kids before taking them anywhere. Miami has many great ideas for children and their parents. Some of them include:

Exploring the Everglades

The everglades is a vast area of land consisting of swamps, jungles and grass prairies which makes it unique. It is considered one of the most “unusual” parks across the united states and will most likely appeal to your young ones.

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The park has some of the rare species of wild animals such as the Florida panther and the American crocodile. It also has enough area for taking strolls and exploring what the jungle has to offer. Your kids will see this as a great adventure.

Going to the beach

One of the things Miami is known for is its beaches. It would be unfair if your kids went to visit miami but didn’t go to the beach.

Let them enjoy dipping in the clear waters and engage them in other activities such as building sand castles or even playing ball. You just have to ensure you follow all the beach rules and exercise caution to remain safe.

Visiting fundimension

Fundimension is a fairly new establishment that has multiple ways of letting the kids have fun. Some of the games include bumper cars, laser tags and arcade games. All these are located at one place that has enough space to let the kids have as much fun as they want. They also have a bungee dome for a more thrilling experience.

kids in park

All these will help you bond with your child more. In addition, they offer fitness lessons for the children as well as day camps which are all great.

Go to jungle island

Formerly known as parrot jungle, this island has seen major improvements that have made it better for adults and children. It contains some of the most exotic wildlife such as a hybrid of a lion and a tiger, pink flamingos and red kangaroos. The island also has a petting zoo where your kids will interact with both domestic and wild animals. You can also opt to take them to the private beach with a water park.

A picnic at the bayfront park

One of the most appealing features of this park is its playground. It has a “large sea creature” theme that is always interesting to kids. It also has an amazing view and enough space for your kids to run and play.


Most of these activities come at affordable prices making them ideal. You don’t have to come up with a separate budget for fun activities for your kids. The activities can also be educational for both you and your kids. It will equip them with some new ideas that they use at school or share with their friends. They are guaranteed to give your kids a memorable vacation in Miami.